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After almost two decades selling cars, Larry Kirk decided he wanted to chase his passion.

"I was tired of selling cars," he said. "I wanted an RV and I'm a workaholic and I figured if I wanted to enjoy myself and what I was selling, I better get busy selling them."

Thus about 10 or 12 years ago, Desert RV came to be.

"I wanted a fresh operation," Kirk said.

But rather than delve into the market of new RVs, which entails a lot of capital, Kirk found a relatively open niche for used motor homes, which is all he sells.

"Trailers are too much of a chore," Kirk said. "To me they're aggravating. I really love motor homes. I've always enjoyed them."

Because it's a fairly specialized market, he buys most of his vehicles, and – thanks to the Internet – sells them all over the country.

Although that it becoming less frequent as his age, 71, is getting up there.

Kirk's age, however, has done nothing to curb his enthusiasm for the road, particularly when the bitter winter winds start whipping through the city.

"We like to go to Southern California, Arizona, south Texas," he said, he noting there's family in each of those areas. "Anywhere where it's nice and warm. We can be gone for 30 days to six weeks."

And when visiting family, there's nothing like the feeling of heading out to your home when it's time to hit the hay, Kirk said.

"When it's time to go to bed, you can just go home," he said.

He loves being able to essentially load up his home and take to the road with all the creature comforts most people leave behind when they travel, he said.

"It gives you a lot of flexibility in your travel plans," Kirk said.

"People don't realize it but it's actually cheaper than traveling and getting a motel."

When it comes to choosing what goes on the lot, Kirk isn't too particular as long as it meets one basic criteria: "I like a nice, clean product," he said.